Fitness for baby boomers and seniors

Exercise Techniques and Tools

The benefits of a regular exercise routine has been proven for years. From helping prevent osteoporosis, reducing the chances of falling, improving numerous medical conditions and more recently the benefits of exercise has been shown to improve brain functions. Exercise is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that has ever been discovered.

Everybody wants something different from their exercise routines, but baby boomers are unique. People over 50 understand the value of balance and fall prevention exercises more than someone in their 20’s. Boomer’s like strength exercises but realize the value of building bone density through weight lifting versus just the value of building body strength alone.

There are so many choices of exercises that can help you achieve your goals. But more importantly is knowing what type of exercise or techniques that are appropriate for specific health and medical conditions. How they fit into your workout program as well as what type of exercise techniques you should not do based on your specific health conditions.


core exercise on swiss ball



Core Training – Over the years core training has progressed from a static holding horizontal position exercises (planking), to vertical positions with rotational movements. There are guidelines and techniques to core training that should be integrated into program designs. [Click here to learn more].

Balance – Every time you take a step you are standing on one foot. Having good balance is essential to injury and fall prevention, as well as strength training. Balance training can easily be implemented throughout any training program. [Click here to learn more].

Sports Specific Training – For those who love to play sports, creating an exercise routine that improves your game and reduces the chance of injury requires exercise movements specific to your sport. Implementing other fitness techniques like foam rolling to help inhibit certain muscle groups from activating and increasing the range of motion of other muscles to increase speed and power in certain sport specific movements is key to improving your game. [Click here to learn more].

kettle bell lifting

-Exercise Techniques– To keep an exercise routine fresh and your fitness levels improving, changing the approach to your program can have dramatic results. From super setting and drop down techniques to circuit training, there are numerous ways to enhance whatever program you are doing. [Click here to learn more].

-Exercise Equipment– How do you know what the exercise equipment to choose from and which is best for you? Just because there is a new device that is the latest and greatest does not mean it is what you need for you or your goals. The key is knowing which product fits your program, abilities and fitness level. [Click here to learn more]


Important: The information on this site is not intended to treat or diagnose any injuries, illness or any type of acute or chronic conditions. Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program or any type of treatment for any type of health condition.